"Serving satisfied customers for over 50 years ." Welcome to FATO Chemie

Since its founding in 1948, Fato-Chemie GmbH has specialized in the production of chemical products for the production, care and finishing of artificial and natural materials and material surfaces.

The development and production of chemical products used in finishing the surfaces of leather goods, especially in the footwear industry, has generated a wealth of specialized knowledge. This extensive experience and the know-how acquired over decades are the foundation that has enabled us to advance with success into new areas of application and fields of industry as well.

Examples of applications for our finishing products


Our company was founded on November 15, 1948. For the most part, we continue to pursue the business purpose defined way back then :
"The production and marketing of chemical and technical products for the shoe and leather goods industry."

We remain committed even today to the development and production of modern chemical products for the leather processing industry, including producers of footwear, modern leather accessories and handbags as well as the clothing industry. As competent and reliable partners to the modern fashion industry, we meet our customers' increasingly demanding requirements regarding flexibility, quality and environmental safety.